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Joe Danger games are coming to Mac and Linux

Due "real soon."

Joe Danger and its sequel, Joe Danger 2, are coming to Mac and Linux via Steam, developer Hello Games has announced.

Hello Games didn't say exactly when the Mac and Linux versions of the Joe Danger games will be out, but was adamant that it would be "real soon."

This brings the total number of platforms for the series to six, with versions already available on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, iOS and Android.

The Mac and Linux versions of the games will contain all the same content as their PC brethren which launched on Steam in June. This means they'll have leaderboards, ghost replays, level sharing, and Joe Danger 2 will feature the special Minecraft environment you can make levels in, as well as extra playable characters like Team Fortress 2's mercs or Minecraft's Steve. There's also an extra hard difficulty for each game.

"The Linux version is especially exciting for us because it means Joe will be ready for SteamOS," Hello Games noted. "Basically, for us, the PC versions are the ultimate versions of Joe Danger, and we always saw Joe Danger as a living room game with you and your friends taking turns on levels, beating each others' scores and shouting at each other like we do. So it's kind of fitting that JD will be appearing on Linux just as SteamOS comes along and helps Steam move into the living room."

Looking ahead, the Joe Danger games are also slated to come to Vita in 2014.

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