Joe Danger: Special Edition


VideoJoe Danger Special Edition DLC trailer

Free Christmas bonuses coming.

VideoJoe Danger Special Edition avatar awards in action

Out this week on XBLA, Joe Danger tours the rest of Xbox Live.

VideoJoe Danger: Special Edition trailer

Hello Games presents XBLA footage.

VideoEG Expo Behind Closed Doors: Indie Day

With the creators of Joe Danger and Hard Lines.

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Introducing Hello Games

Sean Murray offers an exclusive insight into indie development.

Really close friends have a special laugh, and we were doing it then. Doubled over laughing, gasping for air. Setting each other off again.

Joe Danger Touch announced for iPhone, iPad

Cartoon racer Joe Danger will race onto iOS devices later this year, developer Hello Games has announced.

Joe Danger Touch is a brand new game designed specifically for touchscreen controls. It includes 50 new levels and fresh playable characters.

Players can now swipe the touchscreen to wheelie, tap the screen to jump and flick obstacles from your pat.

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Dingalingaling! That's the sound of Eurogamer's 'Actual New Game' bell, which is currently imaginary, but which Tom is adamant that he's going to make a reality soon - I think because he wants a bell on his desk to annoy everyone with. This is cool if he promises to come to work dressed as a town crier. "Hear ye, hear ye, someone is making a game which you haven't played before."

Sonic CD, Trine 2 Xbox Live Arcade release dates

Sonic CD, Trine 2 Xbox Live Arcade release dates

Microsoft dates the rest of 2011's XBLA, DLC and deals.

Sega classic Sonic CD will be available to download from tomorrow on Xbox Live Arcade for the pocket money price of 400 Points, Microsoft has announced.

Sonic joins the previously PS3-exclusive Joe Danger, the diminutive racer whose Special Edition for XBLA includes extra gameplay modes and characters.

Fairy tale puzzle-platformer Trine 2 then rounds out the year's XBLA releases on 21st December.

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Joe Danger: Special Edition release date

Joe Danger: Special Edition release date

Re-tooled racer hits XBLA next week.

Joe Danger: Special Edition arrives on Xbox Live Arcade on 14th December, Microsoft has announced.

Developer Hello Games' revamp of its acclaimed 2010 PlayStation Network title will set you back 1200 Microsoft Points.

As revealed last month, the XBLA release includes new levels, game modes and characters.

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Making an XBLA Game: The Inside Story

Contracts, exclusivity and outsourced Avatar items.

Canadian developer Brian Provinciano spent two months negotiating his contract with Microsoft to get Retro City Rampage on Xbox Live Arcade. It was, to say the least, a tough process - and one that he could have done without. It delayed the creation of the game, but in the end he thought f*** it, and signed on the bottom line.

Why Joe Danger: Special Edition tweaks are 360-exclusive

Why Joe Danger: Special Edition tweaks are 360-exclusive

Hello Games: PSN patch would be "impractical".

Patching the various changes made to forthcoming Xbox Live Arcade release Joe Danger: Special Edition into the PlayStation Network original would be "impractical", according to developer Hello Games.

During a guest appearance on this week's Eurogamer podcast, studio boss Sean Murray explained that it just wouldn't make sense to bring the new content across to PSN as it radically alters how the game plays.

"The changes we've made - and I think people will understand when they've played the Special Edition - change the game in ways that I think would be really weird for us to bring over to PSN," he said.

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Sean Murray visits to talk Joe Danger: The Movie and the XBLA Special Edition. Plus: getting arrested.

Word up, devoted listener(s), for it is the 90th instalment of the award-losing Podcast!

Joe Danger Special Edition for Xbox Live Arcade announced

Joe Danger Special Edition for Xbox Live Arcade announced

Out soon. First screenshots revealed.

Joe Danger Special Edition launches on Xbox Live Arcade very soon, Hello Games has announced.

It features new environments, new gameplay modes, new characters and more variety over the PlayStation Network version.

UK indie developer Hello Games told Eurogamer it's shooting for a holiday 2011 launch on Xbox Live Arcade.

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One of the nicest things that happened last year was that Joe Danger was really successful. Built by four guys in a room in Guildford after they quit their studio jobs to make something they would want to play, it was a cartoon stunt bike game inspired by Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Sonic the Hedgehog, and beneath its breezy, cheerful exterior thumped the heart of a wonderful high-scores game. We gave it an 8/10 and said, "If you like collecting things, going fast, beating times, posting scores... If you like video games, basically, you ought to like this."

Sega hosting EG Expo Indie Arcade

Free game submission now open.

We're delighted to announce the return of Eurogamer Expo's Indie Arcade, which this year will be presented by publishing giant Sega and in association with Rock Paper Shotgun.

Creative Tension

Are publishers impeding the creativity of the medium?

"It was probably all a terrible mistake..."

Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Hello Games looks back at Joe Danger

Sean Murray joins us for a post-mortem.

Danger is our middle name here at Eurogamer, but earlier this year PlayStation 3 stunt bike superhero Joe Danger took it to a whole new level by making it his surname. He was also the star of a very good game, made by indie upstart Hello Games - four pleasant men beavering away in a room in Guildford making the game they had always wanted to make.

Joe Danger could appear on other formats

Wasn't practical at first. Plus: replays soon!

Joe Danger developer Hello Games has said that it may consider porting its PlayStation 3 title to other formats, including Xbox 360, but it would have been humanly impossible to get the game out on multiple platforms initially.

Joe Danger

Danger nous.

Sean Murray and Grant Duncan are patient men. They have waited a long time. Not just to start up their own studio with friends Ryan Doyle and David Ream - the friendly sounding and reassuringly friendly Hello Games. Not just to get people in front of their first game - Joe Danger, a charming mixture of platforming, trial biking and seventies hand-organs. And not just for a publisher to help them settle on a distribution mechanism for their dream game.

Joe Danger

Hello Games' stuntman title due in spring.

Hello Games' stuntman title due in spring.

Hello Games announces Joe Danger

Hello Games announces Joe Danger

Motorbike stuntman for PC/PSN/XBLA.

Guildford-based indie outfit Hello Games has announced Joe Danger, a motorcycling stuntman game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Due out next spring, Joe Danger sees you racing through an arcadey obstacle course collecting coins, D-A-N-G-E-R letters and performing tricks.

It's very bright and cheerful, as you can see from the official website, and looks more like the side-scrolling love-child of Tony Hawk and Pixar films than a pretender to Trials HD's time trial crown.

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Joe Danger

Publicity stunt.

"On the day we moved into our office, we were really excited," says Sean Murray, one quarter of Guildford's latest gaming microbrewery, Hello Games. "Four lads striking out on their own for the first time. When we got there, the office's previous occupants were moving out. They'd just failed to start their own indie dev team. They offered us their old monitors. That dampened our excitement a bit."