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Halo: Reach Anniversary Map Pack live

Saints Row Season Pass, NFS Time Saver pack.

The Halo: Reach Anniversary Map Pack is available to download from the Xbox Marketplace.

It costs 1200 MS Points and weighs in at 1.23GB. The pack includes seven maps from Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, out today, for use in Halo: Reach. That's six competitive maps and a new Firefight mission. 250 gamerscore spread across seven new achievements is available.

The Halo Map Pack headlines a raft of new add-ons available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The Saints Row: The Third Season Pass (1600 MS Points) and the Need for Speed: The Run Time Savers Pack (800 MS Points) are both out today.

The already announced Batman: Arkham City Robin Bundle goes live on 22nd November for 560 MS Points. On that day Mortal Kombat hits Games on Demand, and a demo of Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 launches.