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Activision working to fix Call of Duty Elite issues

Surge of new players causing problems.

Activision is working to fix a number of issues players are having with Call of Duty Elite, which launched last night alongside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Apparently the sheer volume of players is creating login problems, Beachhead, the developer behind the social and stats service, said.

"We are aware of the issue," read a Tweet on the Call of Duty Elite Twitter page. "Surge of new Elite registrations is creating reg & login issues. Teams are working now to increase capacity."

Password errors are related to this issue, so there is no need to change your password.

"Service is capturing all MW3 gameplay data," the Twitter page added. "Data, heatmaps, and activity will be waiting for you upon registration."

"It's difficult to launch not only a giant game like MW3 but a huge, scratch-built service like Elite simultaneously - and try to do it worldwide," said Activision community man Dan Amrich on the One of Swords blog.

"So, give 'em time, and don't panic in the interim. They're working through the night so maybe things will look different in the morning."

Modern Warfare 3 launched in the UK at midnight last night, with hundreds of stores opening to sell the game. Did you buy a copy?