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Sex education PC game Privates wins a BAFTA

Beat off stiff competition.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Privates, the PC sex education platform shooter game, has won a BAFTA.

The last we heard, Privates had been canned on Xbox 360 because of its overtly sexual content.

Dan Marshall, founder of developer Size Five (once Zombie Cow Studios), is "brimming with pride".

"It's a complete honour and a total shock," he wrote in a statement. "I was excited enough about being able to start all my press releases from now on with the words BAFTA-nominated, but winning one is a whole other level.

"I can't thank BAFTA enough for honouring a tiny studio who made a weird little game. It was a great night, and I'm brimming with pride. To stagger home with one of those oh-so-familiar shiny metal face awards is so surreal, and completely magical."

Privates is a twin-stick shooter that was made for Channel 4 in the UK. And it's free. Eurogamer previewed Privates back in August.

Size Five is also responsible for the fabulous Time Gentlemen, Please! PC game, which Eurogamer awarded 9/10.

Size Five's other games are Ben There, Done That, Gibbage and Cruxade.


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