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Infinity Ward bans Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 cheaters

"Every ban unique to the level of douchiness of the offense."

Infinity Ward has banned hundreds of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 cheaters.

Over 1600 bans have been issued, targeted at those who "cheat, hack or glitch", Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling said.

These bans relate to the PC version as well as the home console versions. On PC, "mass bans" are happening as Infinity Ward works on updates and hot fixes.

Those who cheat "will not be tolerated", Bowling continued.

He advised players to report cheaters in-game through Modern Warfare 3's report a player option, found in the lobby when selection their name. These reports go directly to Infinity Ward's security team, which issues bans after verification.

"We verify reports with in-game stats, in-game video recordings, and other data to verify you were cheating," Bowling revealed.

The extent of the ban relates to the severity of the cheating. "Every ban unique to the level of douchiness of the offense," Bowling said. "The greater the douche the greater the length. PermaDouche possible."

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