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IndieCity offers indie devs 100 per cent revenue deal

Issues call to arms.

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IndieCity, the PC portal for indie games (no mainstream games allowed), has issued a call to arms for developers to submit their creations by the end of the year.

If indie developers collectively get 100 games approved and on the Store by 31st December then every developer on the site will get a higher revenue share.

That's 90 per cent if the game is integrated with IndieCity's achievements system, 80 per cent without, for one month.

If 500 games get on the Store, developers will get the full 100 per cent of their revenue (minus card fees and taxes).

"If you already have your own site setup and get enough traffic to it to sustain your indie game development then that is fantastic!" IndieCity said. "Unfortunately, not every indie developer is as lucky, and for those who have not yet started selling their game, IndieCity provides a fantastic easy-to-use solution which means that they can focus on doing what they want (writing games) and we will do all the rubbish stuff that they don't really want to bother with (making a site, putting together a payment system, getting their game seen, authentication, etc.)."

Any developer can pop a game on IndieCity. A peer review process is designed to ensure the cream rises to the top. If the community deems a game isn't indie, then it won't go on the system.

When IndieCity launches for gamers, they'll get their own personalised homepage based on what games they and their friends like.

You'll get badges, achievements and points as you use the site, for example for writing a helpful review or retweeting a developer's Tweet about their game. The creators are working on a system that will let you use points to get a discount on game purchases, too.

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