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Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster DLC announced

Unidentified Furry Objects touch down next week.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Double Fine's recent Kinect effort Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster gets a DLC expansion next week.

Titled Unidentified Furry Objects, it's a new chapter that follows Cookie Monster, Elmo and Shelby as they come face to face with the titular extraterrestrials, while Grover chances upon a mysterious glowing egg-like device.

It's priced at 400 Points and is up for download from 22nd November.

Double Fine's Sesame Street tie-in launched on Xbox 360 last month, picking up a solid 7/10 from Eurogamer.

"Once Upon a Monster is a hugely charming game, and one that goes out of its way to convince youngsters that Cookie Monster and Elmo are speaking directly to them, that they can see and hear them, and want to take them on a series of adventures into fantastical worlds full of nice monsters who need their help," read Dan Whitehead's Once Upon a Monster review.

"Taken on that basis, it's an inspired use of the Kinect technology."

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