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Zavvi tweaks Metal Gear Solid HD Ultimate Edition

No MGS1, but T-shirt and artbook added.

Online retailer Zavvi has announced that its altered the contents of its advertised Metal Gear Solid HD Ultimate Edition set.

If you've pre-ordered, you'll still get a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 but the promised Metal Gear Solid 1 download has been ditched.

The set was originally announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive including a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4, a download code for Metal Gear Solid 1 and five exclusive art cards.

However, earlier this week that offer disappeared from the site without explanation from either publisher Konami or Zavvi.

The retailer today sent out an email to all customers holding an order for the edition, explaining that Konami has "advised of a change to the contents" of the set.

You'll now get the following:

  • Variant Metal Gear Solid steel book
  • Exclusive Metal Gear Solid T-shirt
  • Exclusive 250 page premium art book showcasing the artwork of Yoshi Shinkawa

All those with existing orders also receive a Platinum copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 when the game launches in the UK on 3rd February.

Zavvi's site also has a listing for an Xbox 360 version of the revised Ultimate Edition, though it's marked as 'sold out'.

Many thanks to all those who sent this in.