Metal Gear Solid HD Collection


Digital Foundry | Metal Gear Solid 2 was the game that changed everything for PS2

DF Retro looks back a technological masterpiece, starting with its stunning E3 2000 reveal.

Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter throws shade at Hideo Kojima

Calls The Phantom Pain "60 hours of humiliation".

Escape From New York IP-holder wanted to sue Metal Gear Solid

John Carpenter said not to, because Kojima is "a nice guy".

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection spotted

UPDATE: Confirmed for America in June as a PS3-exclusive. No word on Europe.

Hideo Kojima doesn't like being thought of as "the Metal Gear guy"

"I haven't really shown the world what else I might be capable of yet."

MGS: Peace Walker sneaks off of Games on Demand

Microsoft working on a fix. "Please wait for a while."

Metal Gear Solid HD editions get release dates

MGS2 HD, MGS3 HD and MGS PW sold separately.

Video | Metal Gear Solid HD Collection trailer

Vita gameplay, cross-saving detailed.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita release date

Take your PS3 save on the go, like a handbag.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection gets Vita release date

Portable version to debut Transfarring cross-platform play.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita screens

Trophies "transfarrable" with PS3 version.

Kojima: "I will make games until the day I die"

But Metal Gear creator might employ robots to help him out.

Digital Foundry | Tech Analysis: Metal Gear Solid Remastered

Digital Foundry takes on the HD Collection and Snake Eater on Nintendo 3DS.

Digital Foundry | Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - PSP vs. PS3 Video

The biggest resolution jump of all the Metal Gear Remasters - PSP 480x272 to 720p.

Digital Foundry | Metal Gear Solid 3: PS2 vs. HD Remaster

Snake Eater compared on PS2 and in its HD remix guise, on Xbox 360.

Digital Foundry | Metal Gear Solid 2: PS2 vs. HD Remaster

Bluepoint's remastering work put through its paces in this comparison video.

Digital Foundry | Metal Gear Solid 3: PS3/360/PS2 Performance Analysis

60FPS triple-format video comparing the original PS2 game with the 360 and PS3 HD remasters.

Konami reveals more Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita details

UPDATE: western release confirmed for the summer.

Sony announces new PS Vita games for Japan

Confirms Mega Man creator's new Vita project.

Metal Gear Solid 5 expected between April 2013 and May 2014

Japanese investment firm targets fiscal 2014 for big release.

Metal Gear Solid HD Vita uses rear touch pad

Flick to slice an enemy's throat.

Digital Foundry | Metal Gear Solid: The "Lost" HD Remasters

See how MGS1 and The Twin Snakes look in pristine high-def.

UK Top 40: Final Fantasy 13-2 wins first place

Metal Gear HD beats SoulCalibur 5, NeverDead no-where.

GAME in trouble as doubt cast on ability to stock new games

UPDATE: GAME responds, guarantees Vita launch.

New official Metal Gear Solid website explains series plot

Interactive timeline lays out universe.

Zavvi tweaks Metal Gear Solid HD Ultimate Edition

No MGS1, but T-shirt and artbook added.

MGS HD Collection Achievements revealed

And those for MGS HD Peace Walker.

Silent Hill: Downpour delayed

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection still TBC.

MGS HD Collection gets limited edition

248-page art book bundled in.

MGS HD Collection spans two discs on 360

Peace Walker HD has six-player online MP.

Video | Metal Gear Solid HD Collection trailer

Kojima's PSP and PS2 titles remastered.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection date

History ready for Raiden.

MGS, ZOE HD Collections for Vita

Kojima making original title for Vita, PS3.

Zavvi MGS HD Ed includes MGS1 & MGS4

PS3 Ultimate HD Collection completes series.

First Metal Gear Solid in HD Collection

UPDATE: Japan only, but we get MG1 and MG2.

Kojima: MGS: Peace Walker HD is 60FPS

Remake gets frame rate boost.

Kojima announces Suda 51's Sdatcher

A radio drama inspired by Snatcher. Really.

Kojima will never be completely satisfied

Would give up making games if he was.

Video | Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD vid

Snake leaps from PSP to your TV screen.

Kojima despises NES Metal Gear

"That title has only soiled my reputation."

Metal Gear Solid Wii U under discussion

Nintendo courts Kojima Productions.

MGS HD Collection by God of War HD dev

MGS3 HD is Subsistence version.

Metal Gear Solid HD collection coming

Zone of the Enders set also due.