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Next Metal Gear Solid targets "high-end consoles", "next-gen" Fox engine

Job ad Ocelot to take in.

Alternative MGS cast: Big Boss Man, Jake the Snake...

Kojima Productions has dropped strong hints that the next big Metal Gear Solid game - presumably MGS5 - will be a next-generation game.

A job mini-site, erected specially for developer-magnet GDC, advertised for staff to help with "the latest Metal Gear Solid targeted for high-end consoles and PC".

Also sought are engineers to "help develop next-gen game engine technology for use with the Fox engine".

The website itself is titled, "Big Boss wants YOU! The 'next' MGS."

Nowhere does Kojima Productions explicitly state that this next Metal Gear Solid game will be a next-generation title. But mention of "high-end consoles" - why not name them if they're PS3 and Xbox 360? -and "next-gen game engine technology" provides an unmistakable wink and nudge.

Studio leader Hideo Kojima has teased the capabilities of Fox Engine before, linking the technology to Project Ogre - an open world military game.

Can we assume Project Ogre is Metal Gear Solid 5, then?

That Fox Engine screenshot Hideo Kojima previously shared.