Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots


Dune and Star Wars' Oscar Isaac cast as Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid movie

Kong: Skull Island's Jordan Vogt-Roberts still helming.

Sony sends off PS3 Plus games with Metal Gear Solid 4

UPDATE: 100GB cloud storage for PS Plus members now live.

Kojima: Xbox 360 disc size to blame for lack of Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection

"When it's the next [Xbox] console, maybe we can release it."

Metal Gear Solid 4 25th Anniversary Edition revealed

Cut price package out later this month.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy patch live in Europe

Kill enemies then vomit for a bronze.

Kojima silences Metal Gear Solid 5 Comic-Con rumours

Images that named "Project Ogre" as MGS5 are "completely fake".

Metal Gear Solid 4 getting full install support

Install? Install?! INSTAAAAAAAAAAL!

Metal Gear Solid 4 patch to add Trophy support

UPDATE: UK release confirmed for August.

Hideo Kojima shows off impressive Fox Engine screenshots

Will Metal Gear Solid 5 look this good?

Metal Gear Online to be switched off in June

Konami to tranquilise service for good.

Metal Gear Solid 5 expected between April 2013 and May 2014

Japanese investment firm targets fiscal 2014 for big release.

Hideo Kojima reveals Metal Gear Solid 5 ideas

The Boss, the Cobra Unit and the invasion of Normandy.

New official Metal Gear Solid website explains series plot

Interactive timeline lays out universe.

First Metal Gear Solid: Risk pics

Guns of the Patriots on your tabletop.

Kojima will never be completely satisfied

Would give up making games if he was.

Kojima despises NES Metal Gear

"That title has only soiled my reputation."

Metal Gear Solid Wii U under discussion

Nintendo courts Kojima Productions.

Metal Gear Solid 5 rumoured for E3

Kojima has "big announcements" to make.

Kojima shows Metal Gear Solid 4 on NGP

"We can enjoy same quality as PS3."

Kojima hiring for "next gen MGS series"

Wants PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 experience.

Sony extends PS3 Platinum range

MGS4! MotorStorm 2! Resistance 2! KZ2!

Kojima admits MGS confuses him too

Which is why he keeps detailed timelines.

Feature | Konami's Hideo Kojima

On why he's still making MGS and how he does it.

E3: Kojima tease now suggests new IP

Countdown ends tonight, 11pm UK time.

Big Boss appears on Kojima's teaser site

Can this be anything other than a new MGS?

Kojima Productions teases "Next" game

Is MGS going to be set in a field?

Sales of MGS reach 4.75 million

Konami revenue up, but profits down.

MGS4 coming to 360, claims Twitterer

Microsoft's E3 conference line-up leaked?

GDC: New Kojima game at E3, not GDC

Although his speech will be "entertaining".

MGO SCENE expansion dated, priced

Play as Vamp and Raiden, loads more.

MGS4 joins the PS3 Platinum range

Now just 20 quid, but still 8 out of 10.

Kojima giving GDC keynote speech

How to make the impossible, possible.

Kojima picks 15 films that inspired MGS

Bond! The Great Escape! Predator!

MGS4 Sackboys sighted in Asia

Festive LBP download confirmed, too.

Konami teases next Metal Gear

Colour scheme, images suggest Xbox.

MGS4 sells over 4 million copies

Snake puts in solid performance.

Alone and MGS4 demos on PSN

Plus GHWT tracks and PSone games.

Schappert would love to see MGS4 on 360

"We definitely have the power to run it."

Konami "looking into" MGS4 for Xbox 360

The rumour mill's a-grinding again.

Kojima already has ideas for MGS5

But doesn't want to get involved.

Feature | Konami's Hideo Kojima

Metal Gear's dad on war and exclusives.

Kojima wishes people would stop asking about MGS4 on 360

Future projects could be multiplatform.

Metal Gear advisor faces smuggling rap

US Government not too happy with him.

Wii becomes best-selling US console

PS3 doubles 360 sales for June.

David Hayter takes on the Internet

Voice of Snake responds to reports.

More OctoCamo patterns for MGS4

Amuse or enrage your enemies.

Kojima lists his top five games

Is a big fan of his own work.

Metal Gear Online going solo in Japan

Kojima hints at worldwide tournament.

MGS4 shipments hit 3 million mark

Game has helped shift PS3s, says Kaz.

MGS4 Database/Commando demo on PSN

Plus Pursuit Force for PSP and WOW song.

Metal Gear Solid 4 sales top 1 million

In just a week. Limited edition sold out.

MGS4 database coming to Europe

It's just days away, apparently.

More Metal Gear games on the way

May fill in gaps in Big Boss's background.

Metal Gear Solid 4 tops Japanese chart

Outsells runner-up 12 times over.

Limited edition MGS4 watch unveiled

Only 500 will be made. Hideo-approved.

MGS4 database on PS3 Store today

Only confirmed for the US so far.

MGS4 had "minimal" effect on PS3 sales

But DS colours light up the UK market.

MGS4 debuts at top of UK charts

Not a record breaker. Full top 40 inside.

Kojima at Oxford Street HMV today

Signing pre-orders from noon onwards.

"MGS will always be around" - Kojima

But new team may take on next game.

Review | Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review

From the archive: Going out with a bang.

Two more MGS4 characters confirmed

Potential spoilers inside.

MGS4 soundtrack details revealed

Special edition goodies unveiled.

Kojima to sign MGS4 sleeves in London

With Yoji Shinkawa on 2nd June.

Metal Gear series not finished with

But Solid Snake story is, says producer.

No gun metal grey PS3 for UK

Konami confirms MGS4 plans.

Japan surpassed by West - Kojima

"Sad as it may be, it's the truth."

Altair costume unlockable in MGS4

Snake has an iPod, too.

Metal Gear Solid 4 UK Limited Edition plans

Konami unveils it and pre-order rewards.

Kojima not dissatisfied with PS3 at all

Something was lost in translation.

Europe to get MGS4 bundle too

But looks like console will be black.

New mode and map for Metal Gear Online

Two teams fight as Snake picks them off.

MGS 4 features "implied child rape"

BBFC gets its rating wand out.

US getting gunmetal grey PS3

Sony quiet on plans for Europe.

Japan to get steel-coloured PS3

All in the name of MGS4.

Equilibrium writer targeted for MGS film

Project back on track following strikes.

Kojima working on non-MGS concept

Hiding it under cardboard box.

MGS not being ported to PS2 after all

Konami US claims misunderstanding.

MGS4 European date same as US

12th June, says Konami everywhere.

"No plans" for MGS4 PS3 bundle here

America gets, Europe waits.

US Metal Gear Solid 4 date and MGO beta

Euro announcement expected this week.

MGS collection unconfirmed for Europe

Konami yet to reveal plans.

Konami committed to MGS4 Q2 target

Can already be played start to finish.

Kojima wants realistic violence

Likes facial disfiguration.

MGS4 must sell 1m on day one

Exclusives under pressure.

MGS4 delayed until Q2 2008

So Solid crew can do more.

Metal Gear's TGS showing

MGS4 and Online playable. Plus the rest of Konami's line-up.

GC: MGS4 bosses unveiled

Mantis, Octopus, Raven, Wolf.

Kojima demoing MGS4 at GC

Promises big reveals, new games.

MGS4 listing a mistake - HMV

Xbox 360 version isn't real.

First in-game MGS4 footage

On Eurogamer TV now.

Metal Gear Online

No place to hide. Apart from everywhere.

Metal Gear PS3 online?

Subsistence follow-on mentioned.

E3: MGS4 PS3 exclusivity confirmed

Out worldwide next spring.

Konami questions PS3 price cut

Metal Gear exclusivity iffy.

MGS4 due before April 2008

Says Konami financials.

Psychological battles in MGS4

Kojima waffles at GO3.

Hayter to voice Snake

Familiar faces return to MGS4.

Kojima keen on Xbox 360

Also fancies doing a PC game.

Kojima misses PS3 rumble

Hopes it'll come back.

No MGS4 until late 2007?

Plus, TGS trailer details.

MGS4 trailer at Leipzig

Five total from Kojima studio.

Kojima, Nomura back PS3

For long-term success.

MGS4 stealth camo details

Tilt controls? Kojima's last MGS?

Extended MGS4 trailer on EGTV

Indulge yourself. Kojima did.

MGS movie deal secured

Kojima's going to Hollywood!

Kojima reveals more of MGS4

Plus new DS and PSP titles.

Watch the E3 Metal Gear trailer

Is this the end for Solid Snake?

Kojima confirms MGS movie

'Can't say when yet.'

BloodRayne film officially sucks

Boll to direct Metal Gear film?

Metal Gear series to go online

Kojima to develop PC games too?

See MGS4 trailer in 3D

When you buy MG Acid 2.

Kojima's blog now in English

Reflections on Metal.

Kojima talks Metal Gear 4

Revolver Ocelot is back!

MGS creator starts blog

Explains why he didn't retire.

Metal Gear Solid 4

Guns of the Patriots fire some shots.

MGS4: Snake Eraser trailer

There's a twist in the tale.

Feature | Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Solid Snake: Ovaltine Years. Read preview, watch trailer.

New Metal Gear 4 details

Snake gets pipe, slippers?

Metal Gear 4 trailer real-time

The one that'll be at TGS, that is.

MGS4 on other platforms?

Kojima talks about next-gen.

Kojima doubts over PS3

Weighs in on next-gen.

Kojima in charge for MGS4

And he's got his own studio.

Kojima on Metal Gear Solid 4

The series creator says his absence may curtail references and Codec humour, but says stealth will be key and that next-gen formats could lead to more "conceptual" or "spiritual" ideas.

Metal Gear Solid 4 on next-gen

Hideo Kojima will take an executive producer role on the next game, the first in a new series featuring Solid Snake.

Konami has 'ideas' for Metal Gear Solid 4

"We'll continue to create more titles in the series."