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David Hayter reprises Snake in this Metal Gear Solid tribute video

Kept you waiting, huh?

Metal Gear alumni David Hayter has reprised his role as Solid Snake for a brief teaser that serves as both a celebration of the game's 31st anniversary, and an update about the Metal Gear movie from filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

The video (via Kotaku) is just one of several Metal Gear goodies shared this month to commemorate this seminal series.

Hayter - who portrayed Snake right up until Kiefer Sutherland replaced him in Metal Gear Solid 5 - kicks off the short with a few famous lines from the iconic stealth series before admitting he's "sick of asking questions" and reflecting on the sad state of present day movies.

Here, take a look:

As for the movie itself? Well, the brief video essentially announces there's nothing to announce. Revolver Ocelot also drops by to "gloat" that he can't give us an update, before complaining that he's only "the messenger" and the "Patriot of a director" will share more as and when he can.

The Metal Gear movie was first announced back in 2006 and has gone through several iterations of cast and crew, including Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman and director Paul Thomas Anderson.

"I will always be making this movie to interpret and service the world that Kojima made," Vogt-Roberts told Eurogamer last year. "That's why all of us care about the words Metal Gear Solid. Regardless of their split - Kojima and I have become friends and colleagues, and it's important to me to shepherd something that he'd be proud of. Konami's made incredible games, but Metal Gear - they supported him in making these games early on, but it's Kojima's voice and the voice of his colleagues and artists and designers, and I'll always be trying to service that."

Last month, Metal Gear Solid 5 stealth-released a new update that lets you play as Quiet, complete with sniper rifle and incredible dash ability.