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MGS fan is remaking the first Metal Gear in Unreal Engine 4

All Diamond Dogs go to Outer Heaven.

A diehard Metal Gear Solid fan is remaking the original 1987 Metal Gear in Unreal Engine 4.

Dubbed Outer Heaven, the remake by modder Jose Bravo de Mansilla, aka "Boker", will blend the story of the original Metal Gear with the isometric camera of Metal Gear Solid with the gameplay of more modern entries.

Storywise, it will follow Solid Snake's first outing as a rookie member of Foxhound, a special operations unit sent to investigate the disappearance of missing squad member Gray Fox and research a rumoured weapon known only as Metal Gear.

You can follow Outer Heaven's development on IndieDB. It's unclear if Konami will shut down the project, but Boker isn't looking to make money off it so who knows.

Take a gander at Outer Heaven's trailer and screenshots below: