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Saints Row: The Third season pass confirmed

Upcoming DLC expansions detailed.

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A DLC season pass for Saints Row: The Third has been confirmed.

According to a post on the THQ Insider blog, which has since mysteriously been taken down, the voucher gives you access to four expansions, representing a saving of 15 per cent on buying each pack separately.

The four add-ons are as follows:

  • Nyte Blayde Pack - Includes the Nyte Blayde Mobile, altar boy outfit, Bloody Canoness outfit and Bloody Canoness bike.
  • Genkibowl VII (available January 2012): "The Wide World of Genki takes over Steelport for a sporting tradition totally and utterly unlike any other."
  • Gangstas in Space (available Winter 2012): "The Saints go intergalactic in this science-fiction misadventure."
  • The Trouble With Clones (available Spring 2012):
 "Copy-cat killing at its finest."

An exact price for the pass is yet to be confirmed but anyone who pre-orders the game via the THQ store gets it thrown in free of charge.

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