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Saints Row: The Third publisher promises Nintendo Switch performance fixes

"Some of you have experienced some more unusual issues..."

Last week, Saints Row: The Third was relaunched for Nintendo Switch in the guise of its Full Package edition. But, as Digital Foundry reported, the version available at launch also packaged in a number of performance issues.

This new Switch version is an "exceptionally close conversion of the PlayStation 3 original", DF's John Linneman wrote - but suffered from frame-rate dips and input lag which made it hard to recommend. You can see his full video analysis below.

Now, publisher Deep Silver has promised a range of fixes which will be included as part of the game's first post-launch patch. Resolution and performance tweaks are top of the agenda, along with fixes for a number of bugs.

This patch is coming soon, too. It will be available tomorrow, 16th May, from 4am UK time (that's 11pm tonight Eastern, or 8pm Pacific).

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But it won't fix everything. Deep Silver is asking for fans to report further issues - "including input lag, low sensitivity in controls" and more - to its technical support team via this form.

"Some of you have experienced some more unusual issues which we need to look at a little more deeply," Deep Silver wrote via its blog. "Should you experience any of the [above], or anything not listed which impacts your enjoyment of Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package please report it to our technical support.

"Please give us as much information as possible so we can replicate and fix, this includes system number for your Nintendo Switch, SD cards in use and your region."

As ever, expect Digital Foundry's beady eyes to be on the Saints once again after their upcoming patch is applied.