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Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 5 PSN release dates

Golden oldies are US only, for now.

PlayStation 1 games Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy 5 now have North American PlayStation Network release dates.

Chrono Cross, the 2000 sequel to Chrono Trigger, will be released on 8th November.

This high-point of Japanese RPG output was sadly never released in Europe. In the US, however, the game met "rapturous applause". Eurogamer contributor Rob Fahey declared this "fully deserved" in his potted Chrono Cross review.

Final Fantasy 5 will be released on 22nd November.

Final Fantasy 5 was released as a SNES game in Japan, a million years ago (1992). It was later adapted for PlayStation 1. It's most recent Western appearance was on GameBoy Advance, in 2006. Simon Parkin wrote Eurogamer's Final Fantasy 5 Advance review.

Screenshot from a PC-emulated version of Chrono Cross.

Wrote he: "No matter how startling this game was in 1992, today it feels a little Fisher Price. But, that said, this is more than just a museum piece for today's JRPG fan. The speed of the gameplay is in stark contrast to today's lumbering epics, something that suits and shines on GBA."

And on PSN? We'll see.

When, perhaps if, Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy 5 head to Europe we're trying to find out.

But if worse comes to worst, then creating your own US PSN account, by way of trickery, could be an option.