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Another Eden x Chrono Cross crossover event confirmed

Symphonic dreams.

A crossover event between Another Eden and Chrono Cross has been confirmed during a livestream event, as rumours swirl of a separate Chrono Cross remake.

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space is a single player JRPG on mobile and Steam. Characters from Chrono Cross will be added from 9th December, along with other content.

The crossover, named Symphony: Complex Dream, is adding fuel to the fire of speculation that a remake of Chrono Cross is on the way.

Cover image for YouTube videoAnother Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space - Chrono Cross Crossover Trailer

Chrono Cross, a sequel to SNES classic Chrono Trigger, was released on the PS1 in 1999 in the US and Japan but never made it officially to Europe.

The crossover event has been overseen by Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuteru Yuuki, core members of the Chrono Cross team. Masato Kato, involved in the development of both titles, has created a new scenario that features familiar faces like Serge, Kid, and Harle.

Chrono Cross originally didn't include voice acting, but this crossover will add voices for the first time, played by actors Ashton Frank (Serge), Sheena May (Kid), and Shazia Nicholls (Harle).

To add a Chrono Cross feel to Another Eden, features like New Game+, Elements, and Field Effects have been added to reflect the gameplay of the PS1 classic.

Kato, who was the director of Chrono Cross, said in a special video message: "I have strong feelings and dedication for both titles. They are titles that I put my heart and soul into along with my colleagues."

Serge from Chrono Cross

Another Eden is known for its time-travelling narrative. The new scenario will see the characters from Chrono Cross wander into the parallel world of Another Eden.

"I never imagined that the day would come, after more than 20 years, when we could have a new adventure with the same Kid and her friends," said Kato. "I hope that people who have played the Chrono series so far will enjoy it, and that the players of Another Eden who haven't played any of the previous series will be able to get a taste of the series. I believe that Kid and her friends will live forever in everyone's hearts."

Whether this crossover event is aimed to whet our appetites ahead of a full remake remains to be seen.