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Chrono Trigger PSN release date

Square Enix SNES so.

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Seminal SNES RPG Chrono Trigger is heading to PSN - next week!

A post on the US PlayStation blog outed the release date as Tuesday, 4th October. There's no corresponding post on the European blog - the game could arrive here on Wednesday, 5th October.

A subsequent post by Square Enix product manager Charles McCarter teased that Chrono Cross, sequel to Chrono Trigger, may also be on its way.

"Would rather be playing Chrono Cross. Yea [sic] I went there," posted blog member kassatsu.

"Well, you might not have to wait that much longer..." replied McCarter.

A PS3/PSP/PSN release for Chrono Trigger was hinted at earlier this year via America's ratings board ESRB.

Chrono Trigger was released on the SNES a million years ago, in 1995, and later ported to PlayStation 1. Presumably the latter version will be the one on offer.

There's no word on a price.

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