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3D artist recreates Chrono Trigger in HD-2D style

Back to the future.

A 3D artist has recreated Chrono Trigger's Leene Square in HD-2D, which has fans desperate for a remake.

Dott's YouTube channel has plenty of videos in the style, including a re-imagining of Pokémon Red.

But SNES RPG Chrono Trigger - one of Square Enix's greatest achievements - is perhaps the most obvious candidate for an actual remake in this style.

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Square Enix popularised the HD-2D art style, beginning with the first Octopath Traveler and later Triangle Strategy. SNES curio Live A Live was last year remade in this style.

In their demo walkthrough video, Dott has turned Leene Square from individual screens into one continuous area, the perspective pulled out a little to seem more expansive.

Leene Square is the opening area of the game, containing the Gardia Millennium Fair in which the turbulent, time travelling events of the plot are set in motion.

The video also has re-recorded music, arranged by YouTubers PontusHultgren and Dracula9AntiChapel.

"Don't toy with my heart," said one reply to Dott's tweet, while a pinned comment on YouTube stated: "This would be the only acceptable way of remaking Chrono Trigger".

Would you replay Chrono Trigger in this style?

Chrono Trigger Remake Demo Walkthrough in Leene Square in HD2D-StyleWatch on YouTube

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