Chrono Trigger

Key events

Square Enix will start fixing its disappointing Chrono Trigger PC port soon

First update will reinstate "original graphical style".

The best bits from the wonderful Summer Games Done Quick 2015 speedrunning event

Chrono Trigger! Super Metroid! Legend of Zelda! More!

Chrono Trigger iOS releases next month

Classic RPG updated with touch control.

Chrono Trigger PSN release date

Square Enix SNES so.

Download Games Roundup

Upbot! Trigger! PicDun! Daggerdale! Storm!

Chrono Trigger coming to PS3, PSP

Square's RPG classic outed by ESRB.

Chrono Trigger for Wii Virtual Console

Mega Man X also incoming.

Chrono Trigger for Europe in February

Just a few months behind the US.

Chrono Trigger

If I could turn back time.

New ending for Chrono Trigger DS

Revamped SNES classic gains features.

Chrono Trigger DS travels to 2009

US and Europe "a few weeks apart".

Chrono Trigger DS

Timely emotions.

Square Enix confirms Chrono Trigger DS

For the US this "Holiday".

Chrono Trigger travelling onto DS

"Countdown Site" points to E3.