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Square Enix confirms Chrono Trigger DS

For the US this "Holiday".

Square Enix is definitely remaking Chrono Trigger for DS.

The US arm of the publisher stamped confirmation on the project and has a "holiday" release in mind. European plans are yet to be revealed, but we expect some sort of date may tumble out of E3.

Chrono Trigger DS will be refitted to make use of a dual-screen layout and those space-age touch-screen controls. Square Enix is also popping an extra dungeon in for you to explore and some kind of wireless play.

The game is fondly remembered for its outlandish success on SNES back in 1995. A grand total of 2.5 million copies were sold.

You fill the boots (probably not the Reebok Pumps) of Crono, who finds himself on a time-travelling adventure to rescue a friend while altering the past so the future works out better.

Keep an eye on that Countdown Site for the first pictures and videos.