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Square's messy Chrono Trigger PC port gets its fifth and final improvements update

Six months after launch.

Six months after launch, Square Enix has released its final big update for Chrono Trigger on PC, wrapping up the publisher's plans to improve its widely derided port of the classic Super Nintendo J-RPG.

You might recall that PC fans were briefly elated when Chrono Trigger surprise-launched on Steam back in February. However, players quickly discovered that Square Enix's port was plagued with issues, from poor performance to an unwieldy interface and blurry sprite art - the latter two woes inherited from the game's mobile version.

To its credit, Square pledged to address fans complaints, and has already released a number of updates for Chrono Trigger on PC. These added, among other things, original-style sprites, an improved UI, and better controller and keyboard support.

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Chrono Trigger's fifth and final big update brings key binding functionality, further UI improvements, and bug fixes. The flashiest addition, however, is a new extras menu, which offers a place to view Chrono Trigger illustrations, listen to background music, and rewatch movie scenes and ending sequences. Full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Although Chrono Trigger fans have responded well to Square's run of updates, some are disappointed that this final patch still doesn't address all concerns. There are persistent calls to implement the 1995 Super Nintendo version's original interface, for instance, as well as features seen in the DS release, including the bestiary, dojo, and missing FMVs.

However, it now seems unlikely that any of those will be making the transition to PC, given Square's notice that this will be the port's last big patch. "The project staff would sincerely like to thank everyone for their opinions and feedback during this time," the publisher concluded, "Please keep supporting the Steam edition of Chrono Trigger."