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Hundreds of sealed retro games discovered in Nebraska storage facility

Legendary cache.

Hundreds of retro Nintendo and Sega games have been discovered in a storage facility in Nebraska.

A reseller called Gameroom found the collection of SNES, Sega CD, Genesis, Saturn, and 3DO games, which were put in storage when a local store closed in 1994.

Plenty of copies of Madden were found, but some sealed gems were also discovered.

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That includes sealed copies of Chrono Trigger worth over $2400, Final Fantasy 3 worth around $1300, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time worth $1400 (according to Price Charting).

Even the number of sealed copies of more common games ensures the whole collection is probably worth thousands of dollars.

Gameroom won't be disclosing that information, though, until preservation and documentation of the collection are completed.

Check it out in the video below (thanks IGN).

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