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Chrono Trigger DS gets US date

Out in November.

Square Enix has furnished Chrono Trigger DS with a stable US date of 25th November.

The DS role-playing trip-down-memory-lane is not due in Europe until early 2009. Square Enix previously told us we would be waiting only "weeks", suggesting a possible January release.

Chrono Trigger has not been reworked in the same way Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest have on DS. However, action has been adapted to fit both screens, touch controls added, and some sort of Wi-Fi multiplayer bolted on as well.

Chrono Trigger first appeared on SNES (albeit not on PAL) back in 1995, and made us all clap and dance and jump up and down with excitement.

Tom likes to talk about the Square development "Dream Team" that made the game, consisting of creator Sakaguchi, writer Kato, and composers Uematsu and Mitsuda. [You left out Yuuji "Dragon Quest" Horii and art by Akira "Dragon Ball" Toriyama. - Ed]

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