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New ending for Chrono Trigger DS

Revamped SNES classic gains features.

Square Enix is planning to include a brand new ending in the DS remake of Chrono Trigger. And presumably this will be additional rather than a replacement, although we've asked the publisher for clarification.

Today's Kotaku translation of Famitsu also tells us to expect a new character mode, which will feature event scenes, music tracks, monster data and treasure maps.

Chrono Trigger hasn't had the rigorous reworking of other Square Enix games such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest on DS, although there will be Wi-Fi multiplayer of some sort, plus touch controls and action splayed nicely over two screens.

There's a new dungeon, too, where there be nasties hoarding experience and shiny loot.

Chrono Trigger is a widely celebrated RPG from the days of the SNES, where a group of spiky-haired heroes travel back and forth in time saving the world.

Importers should look to the US on 25th November for a copy, or sit and wait patiently for an "early 2009" European release.