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Chrono Trigger iOS releases next month

Classic RPG updated with touch control.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

10/10-scoring classic RPG Chrono Trigger releases for iPhone and iPod Touch next month, developer Square Enix has confirmed.

Exact release date and pricing information has yet to be revealed, however.

The seminal SNES role-player has been updated for iOS to support touch screen controls. Otherwise, the game's original graphics remain largely preserved.

In-game text is available in Japanese, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Chinese.

Chrono Trigger has seen release on a variety of formats over the years, including the original PlayStation, DS, PSN and Wii Virtual Console, while an Android release is also on the cards.

Simon Parkin bestowed a rare Eurogamer 10/10 in our Chrono Trigger review of the DS version. "Chrono Trigger is a masterclass in RPG design," he wrote, "its execution so far beyond the quality and poise of contemporary JRPGs it's embarrassing."

First screenshots from the new version lie below.

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