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Chrono Trigger coming to PS3, PSP

Square's RPG classic outed by ESRB.

Square's beloved SNES RPG classic Chrono Trigger is on its way to PlayStation Network as a PSone Classic, according to an ESRB listing.

The US ratings board post, as spotted by IGN, offers no indication as to when the game will be available for download or how much it will cost.

First released on the SNES to huge acclaim back in 1995, it was ported to the PSone in 1999 and it's this version that you will presumably be playing.

Already confirmed for an impending Virtual Console release on Wii, it was also blessed with a finely-tuned DS port back in 2009, which is trailered below.

"It represents the work of a company at the very top of its field," wrote Eurogamer's Simon Parkin in his 10/10 review, "a team of designers so confident with the rules that they helped establish that they felt free to subvert and invert them to glorious effect."