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Three more Game of Thrones tie-ins announced

An RPG, an MMO and a social game incoming.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Three more games based on George R R Martin's fantasy saga Game of Thrones are in the works, following recent PC strategy effort, Game of Thrones: Genesis.

As reported by USA Today, a full RPG is in development at Cyanide - the same studio behind Genesis - for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with Atlus set to publish.

HBO is apparently sharing footage of the next series of its TV adaptation - which airs next April - with the studio, so that the two can dovetail.

Elsewhere, Battlestar Galactica Online developer Bigpoint is working on a free-to-play MMO based on the brand, while a social network title is also planned.

All three titles are due out next year.

Genesis didn't get the franchise's video game arm off to a great start back in September, scoring a mediocre 5/10 from Eurogamer.

"With verve and wit and gloss, Genesis could have been the start of something fascinatingly, enthrallingly cruel," read Alec Meer's Game of Thrones: Genesis review. "As it is, it's a song of needless branding and sad compromise."

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