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We're not massive fans of list features at Eurogamer.

Until a couple of years ago we used to compile an annual list of our favourite 50 games of the previous 12 months for publication over the Christmas break. It was a fun exercise putting it together and then adding little comments from each writer complimenting a lovely design feature or recalling a favourite moment. We'd pour lots of love and affection into every instalment.

Then we'd put it on the internet and everyone called us ****s.

We're used to that, obviously, but this was always different. We weren't trying to tell anyone that things were definitively better than one another - we were just trying to show people what we'd been playing all year, and then together we could celebrate the games we all really loved. We would spend hours labouring over detailed introductions explaining that this was just the stuff we liked and, you know, it's cool to like other stuff.

Then we'd put it on the internet and everyone called us ****s.

So yeah, we're not massive fans of list features at Eurogamer.

Sometimes they do have a place though, and one of those is in offering straightforward buying advice to people who have run out of things to play or who are picking up some new hardware.

One of the things I'm most frequently asked by friends and family who know what I do is, "What game should I buy?" When I got the question for the 478th time, I mentioned it to some of the other guys here... and it turns out they get it a lot too. So I thought we'd answer it. That's why we've put together a few lists of games that we thoroughly recommend on a selection of formats.

We're not ramming these down your throats or asking you to agree with us. We're not even listing the games on each in order of preference. We're just suggesting that if you own one of these systems then you'll get a lot of fun out of the stuff on the list. We've thrown in a few honourable mentions too for things that we think you'll love but maybe we aren't quite so unanimous about.

New games are released all the time, of course, so we'll periodically review the contents of each list and see whether we want to update it. We won't do it straight off the back of big reviews going live, however - so you won't find Skyrim on our lists yet, for example - because we think it's sensible to let the dust settle first and then make decisions with clear heads.

We'll also look to add other formats as soon as possible. In the meantime, we've focused on the four that you read the most content about on Eurogamer:

You may now proceed to call us ****s!

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