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Internet sleuths reckon they've found Grand Theft Auto 5's lead actor

Is Ned Luke Albert De Silva?

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Internet sleuths reckon they've tracked down Grand Theft Auto 5's lead actor: a TV star who's appeared in Law & Order.

iGTAV believes Ned Luke provided voice work for the character who narrates the Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer.

The GTAV IMDB page lists Luke as playing the role of Albert De Silva. Fans also reckon his voice and likeness, as shown by his demo reel, match.

A Tweet by actor Jimmy Taenaka also adds evidence for the case. It said: "my fellow thespian Ned Luke is the lead voice and profile in the upcoming game by Rockstar Grand Theft Auto 5! Way to go Ned! Wholly Molly!"

And then, "Grand Theft Auto V trailer with Ned Luke our homey as the LEAD!"

It appears Taenaka has backtracked somewhat, however. On Twitter again: "@RockstarGames #GTAV looks awesome! it's not official but I know that voice and look #NedLuke He is bigger & badder than Statham... lookout."

And more recently: "GTA 5 playaz across the globe! I just recognized the voice & profile -that's all I can say respectfully. I am looking forward to GTA 5 :-)"

Someone claiming to be Luke's cousin has also taken to Twitter to make the link. And Luke's Twitter account mentioned "When I finally figured out how to turn on the PS3" with reference to "GrandTheftAutoMemories".

Luke's Twitter account was then deleted.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is shrouded in mystery, with Rockstar yet to announce launch platforms or a release window.

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