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New Warhammer 40K: Space Marine DLC announced

New mode, maps and units incoming.

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A second set of DLC is on its way to Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, THQ has announced.

Due on all formats in December priced at 800 Microsoft Points or equivalent, the add-on includes a new Exterminatus co-op mode called Chaos Unleashed which sees you playing as a Chaos Space Marine fighting off both Orks and Imperial Guard Forces.

There are also three new multiplayer maps (Habs Ablaze, Station Tertius and Aquila Canyon0, new boss rounds, achievements and a new enemy unit - the Imperial Sanctioned Psyker.

Those not willing to open their wallets are also getting new content in the form of a Capture the Flag multiplayer mode.

On top of all that lot, you can also expect new skins for Salamanders, Alpha Legion, Legion of the Damned and Blood Angel, priced at 240 Microsoft Points.

The game's first DLC pack, labelled Exterminatus, launched last week, adding co-op play to the Relic-developed third person shooter.

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