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Final Fantasy 13-2 story 30-40 hours long

Then what?

The Final Fantasy 13-2 story takes between 30 and 40 hours to complete, the development team has revealed.

Once complete, you can reload your cleared save data and resume play from a point just before the final boss, Japanese magazine Famitsu (via Siliconera) reports.

Andriasang explains how this works. Once you complete the game you return to the Historia Crux, a system that allows players to rewind time. This acts as a new game plus, and lets you rewind areas to replay them with your more powerful characters. Apparently there are a number of Paradox Endings that you won't be able to try out until your second play through.

If you have Final Fantasy 13 save data you will get "some kind of wallpaper", according to Famitsu. You will also get an item (or items), but what these are we don't know.

Meanwhile, Square Enix has confirmed it has finished work on the Japanese version of the game, and has now moved on to the creation of the international version.

A separate team is making downloadable content. The first DLC is boss monster Omega. Monster DLC consists of boss fights you fight at a colosseum, an area that can't be entered in the main game. If you crystalize the DLC boss, you can make it into a party member and take it out from the colosseum with you.

Other DLC includes non-monster enemies and costumes for Serah and Noel. The plan is to release DLC through spring 2012 at a pace of once every two weeks.

Final Fantasy 13-2 arrives in Europe on 3rd February 2012. It is the direct sequel to last year's divisive Final Fantasy 13, and, according to Square Enix, addresses many complaints fans had with that game.