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F2P DC Universe Online player numbers soar

Concurrent users up 1000 per cent!

The number of people playing DC Universe Online simultaneously has risen over 1000 per cent since the superhero MMO turned free to play, Sony Online Entertainment has revealed.

"We are over 1000 per cent of our pre-F2P concurrent numbers," tweeted SOE president John Smedley.

The downside to this newfound popularity has been log-in queues.

"We're very aware of the long queues and other issues," Smedley added. "We're on it.

"We apologise for the log-in queues. We're working on adding more hardware and working on our servers so we don't have them."

DC Universe Online turned free to play last week. By Thursday last week, the floundering superhero MMO had already picked up an additional 120,000 players.

DC Universe Online, a rare PS3 MMO (also on PC), was released at the start of the year. But unspectacular reviews, coupled with the entry-level barrier of buying the game and subscribing, meant a slow uptake. Collateral from the PSN hack didn't help, either.

Since that time, however, content and polish have been added - expect an improved DC Universe Online to the one Eurogamer reviewed in January.

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