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Sons of Trigon DLC announced for DC Universe Online

New PVP characters, zones and randomised content coming this autumn.

The eighth DLC pack for DC Universe Online, titled Sons of Trigon, will be released in autumn this year.

The new content will center around a series of battles against Trigon's sons, culminating in a battle against the demon himself.

Unlike the previous DLC content Origin Crisis, which catered to more hardcore players of the game, this eighth content drop is designed to appeal to those who prefer a smaller scale challenge. As well as a new shared area featuring plenty of solo missions, there'll also be three new Duo scenarios starring the Sons of Trigon, and a larger group Alert for the main battle against Trigon. There'll also be a new healing-focused Celestial power for players to master.

If player-versus-player combat is more your thing, the new DLC will introduce Donna Troy and Cheetah to Legends PVP, the latter of whom represents the first inclusion of a "super speed" ability in battle. Premium characters Wonder Woman and Circe will also be added to the marketplace shortly after the release of the new content.

The environments in this new DLC represent an impressive leap forward for the game too, with improved shaders and higher resolution textures featuring throughout. With each of Trigon's sons representing a different deadly sin, expect lots of lurid pink for the lust-themed zone, and gloomy greens representing envy, for example.

Elsewhere in the expansion pack, certain environments contain randomized areas, such as a "haunted house" maze section that provides different pathways for each separate playthrough. You'll also be assisted from time to time by a randomly selected member of the Fearsome Five, such as Jinx, Dr Light or Gizmo.

DC Universe Online began life as a subscription-only MMO when it was released in January 2011, but a free-to-play option was introduced in November that year. DLC packs are provided free of charge as part of the game's subscription plan, or as microtransactions for non-subscribers.

This article was based on a press trip to Las Vegas. SOE paid for travel and accommodation.

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