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Tributes to Kevin Conroy pour in from colleagues and fans

The Batman voice actor passed away last week.

Image credit: MCM ComicCon

Numerous tributes have been paid to Kevin Conroy, after the actor passed away last week aged 66.

The actor voiced Batman for 30 years across television, film and video games. The news of his death was confirmed by Warner Bros. on Friday.

Several of his colleagues paid tribute to Conroy on Friday, and more shared their respects for him over the weekend.

Voice actress Tara Strong, known for voicing Batgirl, shared her experiences working with Conroy over the years. "Thanks to his brilliance," she wrote, "his voice lives on forever". Others across the industry, such as fellow voice actor Matt Mercer and DC Comics artist Mitch Gerads also posted messages of remembrance for Conroy.

Fans have been paying tribute to Conroy too. In DC Universe Online, a free-to-play MMO set in the DC universe, players gathered in-game at the Bat-Signal, located at Gotham East End Station, to pay their respects.

Fans also left flowers at the Batman statue in Burbank, California, which has been captured by passersby who spotted them.

In commemoration of Conroy, DC made the DC Pride 2022 anthology free-to-read. Conroy contributed Finding Batman to the anthology, in which he described the struggles he faced in his personal and professional lives before being cast as Batman.

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