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Michael Bay directs Need For Speed: The Run ad

EA teams up with Transformers director.

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Famed Hollywood explosion fetishist Michael Bay has directed a TV advertisement for forthcoming racer Need For Speed: The Run, EA has revealed.

It's not entirely clear from the publisher's announcement whether the clip is based on game footage or new live action material.

If you want to see what Bay, whose directorial CV includes blockbuster fare such as The Rock, Transformers and Pearl Harbour, has come up with, you'll have to head over to the game's Facebook page and give EA's marketing team a few clicks.

"Working with Michael and his company, The Institute, was such an honor," commented the game's executive producer Jason DeLong.

"He's known for delivering exhilarating, over-the-top, action - exactly what players are looking forward to experiencing in Need for Speed The Run. We knew from the moment we met with Michael that he was the perfect person to bring our game to life for gamers seeking non-stop action."

For more on the game, due out on 18th November, take a look at Eurogamer's Need For Speed: The Run preview.

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