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Eurogamer.net Podcast #91: Skyrim

Skyrim! Skyrim! More Skyrim!


Welcome to a very special podcast where John Bedford (that's me), Wesley Yin-Poole, Robert Purchese and the people's champion Tom Champion put their heads together on a game that's been occupying much of our spare time lately: Skyrim.

We've chosen the numerically irrelevant 91st Eurogamer Podcast to mark a change in our ramblings, abandoning the discussion of embarrassingly public publisher bun fights, as well as feature ideas stolen from Radio 4, in favour of talking about the biggest games that you've been enjoying every bit as much as we have.

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Wes tells us about his 69th hour playing Skyrim which elicits an entirely predictable response from everyone else. Tom confesses to purchasing Oblivion's horse armour, thereby doing his bit to condemn an entire generation of gamers to the slow fragmentation of the boxed product, the repulsive growth of the free-to-play model, and the erosion of trust between gamers and developers. WELL DONE TOM.

Bertie's been petulantly luring enemies he can't defeat into towns so that they can devour the local population, which leads us naturally on to the flood of hilarious videos that have made their way onto YouTube in recent days.

We also talk about the potential for Skyrim's DLC. Were we prophetic in hoping for a return to Cyrodiil given this afternoon's news? Will we be able to marry dogs in the game? Will we ever be forced to trudge through another Oblivion gate? Let's hope not.

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