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Free Gears of War 3 DLC incoming

Versus Booster Map Pack out later this month.

A new complimentary DLC pack is on its way to Gears of War 3 later this month, developer Epic has announced.

Available for download from 24th November, the Versus Booster Map Pack offers five maps for public matchmaking playlists - two from Gears 1 (Swamp and Clocktower) and three from the just-released Horde Command Pack (Azura, Rustlung and Blood Drive).

Those who've purchased the Horde Command Pack still have exclusive access to that pack's Horde fortification upgrades, additional playable characters and new weapon skins.

After that, there'll be one further DLC pack available before the year is out - the previously announced RAAM's shadow add-on from 13th December - with more expected in 2012.