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Final Fantasy 13-2 bosses are tougher

But Easy Mode should help you out.

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The bosses are tougher in Final Fantasy 13-2 than in Final Fantasy 13, Square Enix has said.

In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation (translated by Andriasang) director Motomu Toriyama and battle director Yusuke Matsui advised players who have trouble with the boss fights to drop down to the new Easy Mode.

Then, if you're still having trouble, Toriyama suggested temporarily giving up and moving on to another scenario.

Meanwhile, the pair revealed new information on Final Fantasy 13-2's Monster Collection system.

The same monsters will have different growth parameters. Some will grow fast, while others will take an age. Monsters that have the same role will have different abilities.

You can give your monsters accessories that change their physical appearance - accessories that may not fit in with the Final Fantasy universe, but the development team considers interesting.

The Paradigm Shifts system returns, but this time you can switch instantly between Paradigms. This is designed to help out with the pacing during basic battles, as the focus for these is on speed.

Boss fights and battles against rare monsters, however, will require you actively and strategically switch between Paradigms. Thankfully, Final Fantasy 13-2 will save your paradigm combinations, making switching between them easier.

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