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March 2004 Archive

    1. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    2. John Carmack: Harbinger of Doom
    3. This Is Football 2004
    4. Capcom development reshuffle sees new Osaka studio opening
    5. Three new tracks boost Amped offering
    6. Spend two hours with a Dead Man's Hand, and then pay for the rest of him
    7. Microsoft no longer publishing DoubleFine's Psychonauts platformer
    8. Microsoft UK adopts 'wait and see approach' on Xbox price cut
    1. MS rests XSN Sports line-up for a year
    2. Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup
    3. TOCA Race Driver 2 demo races into view
    4. UK Charts: Splinter Cell knocks Bond off the top spot
    5. Killer 7 trailer bloodies our nose
    6. Resident Evil 4 trails into view with chainsaws, cocktails and Loch Ness Monsters
    7. Red Dead Revolver series confirmed
    8. Tetsuya Mizuguchi planning Rez sequel on PSP or Nintendo DS
    9. Rez
    10. Featherweight boxer sues heavyweights of publishing
    11. Nintendo to launch Classic NES Series in the States this June
    1. Ubisoft unveils latest Settlers title
    2. US Xbox price cut to $149
    3. 'Major Darth Vader game' rumoured
    4. Bits And Bobs: Monday News Roundup
    5. Infinium Labs counter-sues HardOCP in ongoing legal battle
    6. Public registrations open for GameStars
    7. Resident Evil Outbreak offline in Europe
    8. Far Cry
    9. Unreal Tournament 2004
    1. GDC: Sony America shows first PSP in-game footage in San Jose
    2. GDC: Id Software reveals new project
    3. And The Rest: Friday News Roundup
    4. Crash teams up with Cortex in the Bandicoot's PS2/Xbox return
    5. MGS3 casting call sheds light on the characters involved
    6. Rise To Honour
    7. What's New?
    1. GDC: Microsoft will stay out of mobile console market -Moore
    2. Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup
    3. Pandora Tomorrow multiplayer demo sneaks up on us
    4. GDC: First official details of N-Gage 2
    5. GDC: Half-Life 2 faces up to new screens
    6. Xbox Live Optimatch bug sneaks up on Pandora Tomorrow
    7. Nintendo partners with Britsoft developer Kuju on first party Cube title
    8. GDC: First Serious Sam 2 shots!
    9. GDC: Zelda director confirms Wind Waker sequel will appear at E3
    10. Winning Eleven 7 International
    1. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    2. No Tomb Raider for E3
    3. GBA SP celebrates first anniversary in North America
    4. LucasArts joins GameCube exodus
    5. Forbidden Siren
    6. Criminal multiplayer options in Luxoflux's True Crime
    7. Lionhead artist's Rag Doll Kung Fu
    8. China bans Codemasters' IGI2
    9. Sabre Wulf
    1. Euro 2004 kicks Cube into touch
    2. Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup
    3. Final Fantasy Guilty Wing promo exposed as fake
    4. EA does the business for Chris Taylor's next PC RTS
    5. EA agrees exclusive terms for Diablo veterans' PC Action-RPG
    6. EA to distribute Koei's Samurai Warriors
    7. UK Charts: PC big guns can't shift Bond
    8. Thief III steals Euro release date
    9. Sam & Max bid us a quirky farewell
    10. Gabe Newell confirms Half-Life 3?
    11. Reader Reviews
    1. Microsoft reshuffles top X-ecutives
    2. Sony ties up Guerrilla deal
    3. Nintendo to show Metroid Prime 2 and Wind Waker 2 at pre-E3 conference
    4. Bits And Bobs: Monday news roundup
    5. Capcom shows us the face of Evil
    6. Nintendo to drop Digital AV port from GameCube
    7. GT4 Prologue due in Europe this May
    8. Jaws to the floor, it's another Halo 2 screenshot
    9. Half-Life 2: $40 million in, still Steaming forward
    10. Square Enix buys North American mobile developer
    11. Knights of the Old Republic sequel confirmed
    12. Kirby's Star shoots off the radar
    13. R: Racing
    1. Duke Nukem Forever
    1. Ubi shelves plans for third Far Cry demo
    2. Scion to the Epic throne
    3. What's New?
    4. Nintendo's £10 million UK giveaway
    5. Microsoft announces Pandora Tomorrow Live bundle
    6. Jak III: Outcast?
    7. Ratchet dabbles in germ warfare, while Clank pushes for promotion
    8. Nightshade
    1. Digital Extremes goes into Unreal exile with Pariah
    2. SCi confirms Galleon for June launch
    3. World Champ Snooker 2004 goes online on PS2, Xbox, PC
    4. Epic working on Unreal Championship sequel
    5. Sega Europe to distribute Seven Samurai 20XX
    6. Namco to publish ex-Blizzard team's debut title
    7. Beneath A Steel Sky returns
    8. Digimon Racing due April 23rd
    9. EA to shut down Earth & Beyond in September
    10. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II
    11. Reader Reviews
    12. CDV reports deepening losses
    13. And now for a UT2004 bonus map
    14. VU Games confirms Predator title
    15. Play as Rikamaru in True Crime PC
    1. Pandora Tomorrow single-player demo released
    2. Sega and Nokia unveil Pocket Kingdom
    3. Oh so that's what Killer 7 is about
    4. Ryan Brant steps down as Take-Two chairman
    5. Singles goes gold
    6. DICE artist releases Battlefield Vietnam map
    7. Dragon's Lair 3D: Special Edition
    1. Use any old USB keyboard on your Xbox
    2. Eurogamer Network means business with new appointment
    3. Rogue Ops
    4. Sonic Heroes
    5. Savage: The Battle for Newerth
    6. Kill.switch
    7. Arx Fatalis
    8. Final Fantasy X-2
    9. Unreal II: The Awakening
    10. James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing
    11. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
    12. Whiplash
    13. Puyo Pop Fever
    14. Deus Ex: Invisible War
    15. The Haunted Mansion
    16. Space Raiders leaves us confused
    17. Rainbow Six 3 packs a new map
    18. Pool Paradise to launch at £19.99
    19. Sonic Advance 3 gets co-op mode
    20. Pandora Tomorrow goes gold
    21. UK Charts: Bond still No.1
    1. Viewtiful Joe 2 makes low-key debut
    2. Lucas brings Half-Life 2 Havok with Pandemic's Mercenaries
    3. Take-Two to publish Drakengard in Europe
    4. IndyCar Series goes online this summer
    5. Exclusive: Euro PSX confirmed for 2004
    6. Transformers
    7. PAL SOCOM II does not require patch
    8. X2: The 1.3 Patch
    9. Sly 2 gets winter Euro date
    10. Matrix Enters The Bargain Bins
    11. Digital Jesters signs Chaos League for UK
    12. Mafia Xbox gets Euro release date
    1. Savage competition winners
    1. Kill.switch demo released
    2. Tekken 5 ready for E3
    3. Nintendo announces date for GBA Donkey Kong Country 2
    4. Harry Potter And The Promotion of EyeToy
    5. What's New?
    6. Crystal Xbox to launch on March 19th
    7. Condition Zero pre-orders opened on Steam
    8. Konami confirms Xbox Pro Evolution Soccer
    9. Ninja Gaiden has NOT been censored for Europe
    10. Will there be another Carmageddon?
    11. New Advent for Final Fantasy at E3
    1. UK Charts 2003: Smash Hits
    2. Cube Wario Ware budget priced in the States
    3. Capcom bringing Street Fighter III: Third Strike to PS2
    4. Max Payne 3 confirmed
    5. Reader Reviews
    1. Blizzard bans another load of cheaters
    2. Worms 3D patched
    3. Raven Shield/Athena Sword patch released
    4. Marvel Vs The World
    5. McGee seeks Enlight-enment
    6. Jason Rubin set to exit Naughty Dog
    7. Third Far Cry demo planned
    8. DOOM III Xbox gets co-op, Live extras
    1. UK Charts: Deus Ex makes strong debut
    2. KOTOR gets downloadable content
    3. Reports claim John Romero says N-Gage 2 prototypes already exist
    4. Ubisoft to publish CSI: Miami title
    5. Romero denies N-Gage 2 comments
    6. Activision faces class action lawsuit for insider trading
    7. Those darned Viewtiful Joe PS2 rumours
    8. Scottish blacksmith forges real-life Master Sword
    1. UK Hardware: Console demand static in February
    2. Jimmy White summers in Pool Paradise
    3. DOA Ultimate delayed
    4. Of Mario Tennis, wireless adapters, N5 and Famicom Mini
    5. New Hitman: Contracts trailer
    6. Fuzion Frenzy 2 to go Live in June?
    7. Need For Speed Underground sequel named?
    1. Panic Maker
    2. First shots of Mortal Kombat: Deception
    3. Budget bargains from Mastertronic and Sold Out
    4. Golden Sun: The Lost Age review
    5. Max Payne
    6. Take-Two confirms Serious Sam: Next Encounter
    7. POP, Ghost Recon sequels due this Christmas?
    8. What's New?
    9. Ooh, another jaw-dropping Onimusha intro movie
    10. Eidos comments on Tomb Raider progress
    11. Fable multiplayer scrapped
    12. Eidos CEO confirms plans to extend Hitman series
    1. Vin Diesel forms Tigon Studios
    2. Splinter Cell: Pandora Today
    3. HardOCP takes legal action against Infinium
    4. UT2004 goes gold
    5. Codies announces official England football title
    6. Mario Party 5
    7. N-Gage ads condemned by ASA
    8. Bruckheimer Films buys Prince of Persia film rights
    9. Take-Two report sheds light on release dates
    10. PS2 passes 25m milestone in USA
    11. Panic Maker unveiled in Japanese press
    12. Eidos acquires Hitman developer as profits rise
    13. American Pie producer buys Soul Calibur movie rights
    14. Xbox gets TRON 2.0 with Live features
    15. Frontier handling RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
    16. Where did the games go?
    17. Sam & Max shot down by harsh market conditions
    1. Kirby's Star takes shape (25 shapes)
    2. Atari planning new Test Drive title?
    3. Infinium's Phantom to be playable at E3
    4. Relax with Mike Oldfield's Maestro
    5. Beyond Divinity demo released
    6. True Fantasy Live Online delayed
    7. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas confirmed
    8. Team Sabre competition winners
    9. Battlefield Vietnam goes gold
    10. Infinium details its case against HardOCP
    11. Cube almost sold out in the USA, says Nintendo
    12. Bomberman on N-Gage kills EG writer
    13. EA signs beastly RTS Armies of Exigo
    14. Postal 2 hits the rest of Europe
    15. Dance around the UK with new tracks
    16. Midway confirms sixth Mortal Kombat title
    17. CDV lights up the Burning Horizon
    1. Sony confirms PSP to PS2 connectivity rumours
    2. N-Gage is a 'dog' says EA boss
    3. Ubi wolfs down Shadowbane team
    4. Solar movie flares up
    5. The Movies - all your questions answered
    6. Manhunt coming soon to PC and Xbox
    7. Syberia II demo out
    8. KOTOR patched to 1.03
    9. New Champ Man mag out March 2nd
    10. UK Charts: EA Bonded to the top
    1. Gauntlet returns... again
    2. New Far Cry level available
    3. Devil May Cry 3 in the works
    4. Ground Control II beta test kicks off March 8th
    5. Spector working on new Tomb Raider title?
    6. UK Charts: 2003 Annual Report Round Up
    7. GoldenEye 2 confirmed
    8. Reader Reviews Retro Special