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Budget bargains from Mastertronic and Sold Out

Four more titles join the "PC Gamer presents..." range of budget titles, and four more join Sold Out...

Mastertronic has announced the addition of several new titles to its "PC Gamer Presents..." range of budget games. As you may recall, these titles all retail for £9.99 and all received 80 per cent or more in PC Gamer UK, putting them in the top tier of titles in Future's main PC magazine.

This batch consists of four titles due out in mid-March; Driver, Morrowind, B17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty Eighth and Space Tripper. Driver is of course Reflections' inspirational undercover cop title with those kerrrazy Hollywood physics, while Morrowind is the third Elder Scrolls title, an RPG that ex-Ed Gestalt gave a mighty 8/10 himself back in the day.

Couldn't tell you much about B17, other than it's "an aesthetically stunning and incredibly deep combat flight simulator" full of World War II bombing missions, but it got 90 per cent in Gamer. Likewise Space Tripper, which is an old school shooter reminiscent, it says 'ere, of games produced by the legendary Jeff Minter. That one got 92 per cent from Gamer, making it the highest rated title in this batch of Mastertronic releases.

Aaaaand not content with letting Mastertronic swipe all the headlines for its efforts, Sold Out was also in touch today with news of four more additions to its range of £4.99 budget titles, also due out in March. Heading up the list here is Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, followed by the likes of Sim City 3000: UK Edition, Conflict: Desert Storm and Tomb Raider Chronicles.

I'd write more about each of those, but I'm not a big RTS fan, didn't play CDS, don't much care for Tomb Raider, and would far rather finish this quickly so I can get on with playing Resident Evil Outbreak. You understand, don't you?

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