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Microsoft reshuffles top X-ecutives

Musical chairs in the Microsoft Game Studios head offices.

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A number of staffing changes have been announced at the top of Microsoft's Xbox operations, with Shane Kim taking over Ed Fries' old role on a permanent basis while Peter Moore and Mitch Koch have been promoted.

Kim is currently acting general manager of Microsoft Game Studios, having been moved into the role after Ed Fries' departure earlier this year; he will now take on the position on a permanent basis.

He will report directly to Peter Moore, who has been promoted to become head of worldwide content and marketing for all of Microsoft's games and game products - with responsibility for everything from marketing to relationships with third party publishers.

The other executive being moved about in Robbie Bach's cabinet reshuffle is corporate vice president Mitch Koch, who is now set to head up Microsoft's worldwide retail sales efforts - covering the company's entire range of consumer products, not just Xbox.

Moore and Koch will join Xbox platform corporate vice president J Allard and finance and business development corporate vice president Bryan Lee in forming the "inner circle" of business leadership for Microsoft's console and gaming efforts.

Moore was of course the president and COO of Sega of America before joining Microsoft early last year, while Koch was president of Walt Disney's Buena Vista Entertainment division prior to joining the Seattle-based giant in late 2000.

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