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Viewtiful Joe 2 makes low-key debut

On the cover of a magazine. Henshin-a-scan-scan-BABY!

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Capcom is developing Viewtiful Joe 2 according to reports emanating from Hong Kong magazine Game Watch, which had the game on the cover of its most recent issue.

Although a Capcom Eurosoft spokesman couldn't offer us any comment on the report this morning, we've also heard this one from a couple of people who would definitely know one way or another, and we're certainly hoping it turns out to be true.

You can see the Game Watch cover in question by heading over the German news source Gamefront where they have a small scan of the front of the mag.

Reports now suggest that VJ2 will launch on GameCube in Japan this December, and that the game will support simultaneous two-player gameplay with both Joe and Silvia in action at once, which should add an interesting combo dynamic to an already phenomenal combat system.

Although the GameCube-exclusive Viewtiful Joe didn't do exceptionally well commercially and proved a little on the tough side for most gamers, it was a smash hit with most critics, thanks to one of the most frenetic and rewarding combat systems we've ever had the pleasure of exploring.

If Viewtiful Joe 2 is on the cards, expect to hear more about it in the run-up to E3.

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