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Of Mario Tennis, wireless adapters, N5 and Famicom Mini

Nintendo Dream brings us some more Japanojuice.

The latest issue of Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream continues to shed light on various Nintendo projects in its ever insightful Q&A column. This month (or week, whatever), we've got word on the progress of the Famicom Mini titles, Mario Tennis on the Cube, N5, the GBA wireless adapter and Animal Forest. Coo!

Mario Tennis is probably the most exciting "shiny new thing" in the whole list, so it's good to hear that in Nintendo's words it's progressing nicely, even if the platform holder doesn't want to discuss a release date with anybody yet. Meanwhile 'the Dream' confirms that a second Cube Zelda is still in development, and has word from the developers of Animal Forest+ (not to be confused with Animal Leader/Cubivore or Animal Crossing) that "There's a lot we want to do," even if we won't hear much about a sequel just yet.

In other "new game" news, and we use the term loosely, Nintendo was apparently rather taken aback by the success of its Famicom Mini titles in Japan - the FM series being a bunch of NES ports released on the Game Boy Advance including Super Mario Bros. - and now the platform holder wants to convert more games, although it hasn't decided on any specific titles just yet. Well... at least they might slow down on the lazy SNES ports now...

Finally in hardware news Nintendo has mentioned that it doesn't plan to show the N5 at this year's E3, which wasn't exactly too hard to extrapolate from reports about the console's proposed debut at next year's trade show, but still; and Nintendo also reportedly wants to develop the GBA wireless link-up adapter in new and inventive ways. Here's one: release it in Europe.

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