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Nintendo to show Metroid Prime 2 and Wind Waker 2 at pre-E3 conference

Exclusive: Two of the biggest GameCube titles of the year will join the Nintendo DS at the company's pre-E3 press conference in May. You can start smiling now, Cube fans.

It's not all that difficult to surmise what 'might' be on display at Nintendo's pre-E3 press conference this May - Nintendo DS, Mario 128, that sort of thing. But when a Nintendo insider told us today they were certain that sequels to two of the biggest Nintendo titles in recent years would form the centrepiece of the presentation, we felt it was too important to ignore.

According to our source, those of us fortunate enough to make it inside the platform holder's pre-E3 press conference will be treated to a presentation of both Metroid Prime 2 - the highly anticipated sequel to Retro Studios' stupendous first-person action-adventure - and the next GameCube Zelda game, which was first mooted by Nintendo of Japan in late 2003 for release by the end of this year.

The same source was unable to confirm whether Mario 128 would be on display. Nintendo itself has happily confirmed that the title is well on into development in the past, but has been reluctant to show it off - reportedly in case a competitor decides to cull its ideas.

When contacted earlier this afternoon, Nintendo Europe told us it "does not comment on rumours, especially Internet rumours," and hasn't made any announcements relating to its E3 showing at this time. Other, that is, than the planned unveiling of Nintendo DS.

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