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Red Dead Revolver series confirmed

Rockstar has admitted that previously Capcom-owned cowboy PS2/Xbox action-fest will be part of a full series. First details inside.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Rockstar Games confirmed this morning that imminent cowboy action shooter Red Dead Revolver is the first in a series.

The title is due for release in Europe on April 30th, and possibilities for the second game are already likely to have Clint Eastwood fans salivating. Voiceovers and soundtracks featuring big name gunslingers are already on the cards, but the publisher is obviously waiting to see whether or not the public takes to the genre with gusto.

"If we put famous actors in now, we'd be running before we could walk," a spokesperson told Eurogamer this morning.

Red Dead Revolver was previously under development by Capcom, but was picked up by the Grand Theft Auto publisher when it purchased developer Angel Studios (now Rockstar San Diego).

As yet, the amount of games in the series is undecided, but there should be a better indication at E3 as to whether or not you'll finally be able to live out your good, bad and downright ugly fantasies once and for all.

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