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Jaws to the floor, it's another Halo 2 screenshot

It's only "relatively recent", and it's not using every trick in Bungie's book, but it still looks splendid.

Probing Halo 2 screenshots is a lot of fun, and according to recent surveys "fun" is good, so we were more than happy to see a new Halo 2 screenshot when we stumbled drunkenly toward this morning.

Like Bungie's other recent screenshot release, this one is a high-resolution pic taken from "a relatively recent build of the game", and was snapped during the course of a multiplayer game of Slayer.

Bungie modestly notes that the shot doesn't even have all the graphical features turned on, but is still "pretty representative". All we can say is that, if this is toned down in some way, the full game must leap out of the screen and inject adrenalin direct to your heart when you check those extra boxes. The detail and lighting effects on the body armour are splendid, and the sight of a red team of Master Chiefs sending their blue adversaries spiralling through the air certainly checks our boxes...

Oh, and we're guessing that the chap on the right has just been shot, given his Ronaldinho-esque tumbling animation. Play on!

Halo 2 is due out... nah, we're not even going there.

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