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Take-Two confirms Serious Sam: Next Encounter

PS2 and Cube FPS due this spring, along with Serious Sam Advance on everyone's favourite handheld. Well, everyone's only handheld, anyway.

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Take-Two has been in touch about a game they clearly forgot to mention in their financial report t'other day; none other than Serious Sam: Next Encounter, which you may recall we told you about at the start of February.

Due out on PS2 and GameCube, the Climax-developed first-person shooter will debut at a wallet-friendly £19.99 this spring in Europe on T2's "Global Star" label - a decent price, given what we've come to expect from Serious Sam titles. We're also told to expect a matching GBA title, Serious Sam Advance, at around the same time for the same price.

As we told you previously, Next Encounter sticks to the familiar Sam formula - 40 levels thread across ancient Rome, feudal China and Atlantis - and this time Sam will be able to take on his enemies in various vehicles using all manner of new weaponry and what not. For lots more details, go here.

Serious Sam Advance meanwhile is set in Egypt and Rome, and by the sounds of it is another first-person shooter that aims to harness the same fast-paced/multi-enemy Sam gameplay, with a four-player deathmatch mode thrown in as well. Good luck with that, guys!

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