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IndyCar Series goes online this summer

It's a human race. (Yikes.)

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Codemasters has revealed that IndyCar Series will be venturing onto Xbox Live and PS2 Online when the Indy Racing League sanctioned track series returns to Europe this summer.

IndyCar Series 2005 aims to expand on its forebear in countless ways, and most noteworthy are the online additions - Xbox gamers will be able to take part in up-to-12-player races, while PS2 owners can expect a similar experience with up to eight.

Offline it will still prove an interesting prospect for Indy Racing fans, with all the correct drivers, rules, logos, sponsors, etc, set over 15 tracks including the Texas Motor Speedway, the Chicagoland Speedway, the Pikes Peak International Raceway, the Japanese Twin Ring Motegi Speedway, and of course the Indianapolis 500. All of which will be decked out in TV-style presentation with introductions by ABC Sports broadcasters.

Up to 33 drivers will be gunning for first, but at least from your perspective you'll be able to use third-party steering wheels to boost your performance (with calibration options available in-game), you'll have realistically functioning rear-view mirrors to keep an eye on the competition, and you'll have plenty of tips from 2003 IndyCar Series Bombardier Dan Wheldon, who narrates the updated Masterclass training mode.

Expect to see IndyCar Series 2005 haring its way to stores in the summer on PS2 and Xbox. You can take a peep at the first screenshots of the game here.

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